Górski Construction Company

Over 30 years of being presents in Pomeranian market, tens of realised investments and many newly planned enterprises. 
Currently one of the leading development firms in Tricity, Górski Construction Company is not afraid of challenges and constantly tries to fulfil the needs of clients. The Company, with completely Polish capital, is represented by their founders and current members of the Board: Bogdan Górski – Chairman and Iwona Górska – Vice – Chairman.

Company’s long-time experience results in a broad and diverse offer for clients. Among the developers realisation you can find elegant investments in the prestigious parts of Tricity, perfectly suitable to be an investment, as well as comfortably placed housings, especially beloved by families with children.

PB Górski realisations are not only flats. The developer isn’t afraid of challenges and recently started to be interested in commercial and service investment.  The emerging Galeria Metropolia (Metropolitan Gallery) is a unique project of a shopping centre integrated with Gdańsk Wrzeszcz’s train station, where many diverse shops of well-known brands will be made available, as well as the biggest cinema complex in vicinity, a hotel and office spaces.

Momentum and diversity of the investments conducted by PB Górski shows courage and consequence in the long-time operating of the company.  The earliest endeavour of the capital group Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Górskie is Górski Energia Company, which main field of operating is photovoltaics. The company offers their clients access to the newest technology in the field of renewable energy sources.

The founder of PB Górski, with one hundred percentage of Polish capital, is Bogdan Górski, who thanks to his determination and hard work within 30 years created a potent construction and development company. The vindication of the highest quality of provided services are numerous awards and prizes won over the years.  It is them that give the Board the reason to be proud and convince that the patch taken by the company is right and only highest quality and reliability of provided services can be a guaranty of success.