Apartments and flats

Apartments in the newly built buildings in the premises of the old Gdańsk Brewery are an excellent choice for people who appreciate a well – considered connection between history and modernity.  In near neighbourhood of historical buildings, a housing complex is being build, which offers cameral studios, spacious flats and diverse apartments. Because of connecting the existing historical buildings with modern architecture, a place of a unique post-industrial character is being created.  Brick façade and big glazings, together with steel finishing elements will make this housing only functional but also elegant by its modern form.

Flats of suitable square metrage, between 33 square metres and 106 square meters, offering from 1 to 5 rooms, are ready waiting for residents. Most of the apartments have a balcony or a terrace and the ground floor – also a small garden.  The future residents will surely acknowledge the highest quality of stairways and comfortable entrances, which will be decorated with graphics referring to the Browar’s history. Looking after the future residents comfort, the developer installed silent elevators in the buildings, which are directly linked with the garage hall. The outstanding elegancy of buildings arrangements will be underlined by specially designed common parts and the space around the investment. Walking alleys, greenness and two spacious courtyards are planned for the complex premises. Additionally in the near vicinity of Browar Gdański are green areas, among others, Park Kuźniczki and Plac Wybickiego (Wybicki Plaza).

High standard of buildings, highest quality of the finishing supplies and comfortable localisation and escape from the city’s rush at the same time will give a lot of satisfaction for those who will chose to live in Browar Gdański, as well as will guarantee the increasing value of the property.

Offer details are available on: www.pbgorski.pl