Commercial space

Browar Gdański complex is a prestigious investment in the historical part of Wrzeszcz, as well as an elegant and unique place, which will forever change the face of the whole neighbourhood. Near the vintage Browar’s buildings, a complex of commercial and service spaces and office spaces will be created. Diverse places of industrial character in most of investments ground levels and in historical buildings will have a trade or service purpose. Uncanny architecture, interesting details and broad windows letting in the light, as well as a unique localisation will give all of business activities an unrepeatable atmosphere.

In Browar Gdański’s offer will be available many commercial, service and office spaces, which will be an ideal place for conducting business, and almost three thousands residents will guarantee a high frequency of customers. Places will have a diverse space that will serve commercial, service, medical and gastronomic purposes. Each one of them will be equipped in essential hook-ups and installations that will allow conduction services and will have a direct access to complex’s communication string. Perfect localisation in the centre of Wrzeszcz, high quality of finishing and possibility of personal arrangement will surely cause a quick growth of any business opened in the Browar Gdański premises.  Local can be adapted to the needs, among others, offices, saloons, restaurants and shops.

Offer details are available on: www.pbgorski.pl