Apartments and flats

Apartments in the newly built buildings in the premises of the old Gdańsk Brewery are an excellent choice for people who appreciate a well – considered connection between history and modernity.  In near neighbourhood of historical buildings, a housing complex is being build, which offers cameral studios, spacious flats and diverse apartments. Because of connecting the existing historical buildings with modern architecture, a place of a unique post-industrial character is being created.  Brick façade and big glazings, together with steel finishing elements will make this housing only functional but also elegant by its modern form.



Lofts and apartments in the meticulously revitalised 19th century Gdański Browar’s buildings are a unique opportunity to live in the heart of historical Wrzeszcz, a place, in which you can feel the old time zeitgeist. The investor, closely cooperating with conservator, accepted the challenge of revitalising all of the historical buildings and uniting them with modern functionality. Among the revitalised building are the Directors Villa, Transformer building, Cooperage and New Malt Dryer.


Commercial space

Browar Gdański complex is a prestigious investment in the historical part of Wrzeszcz, as well as an elegant and unique place, which will forever change the face of the whole neighbourhood. Near the vintage Browar’s buildings, a complex of commercial and service spaces and office spaces will be created. Diverse places of industrial character in most of investments ground levels and in historical buildings will have a trade or service purpose. Uncanny architecture, interesting details and broad windows letting in the light, as well as a unique localisation will give all of business activities an unrepeatable atmosphere.